Information security
With the development and complexity of business processes information stored and processed by the IT infrastructure of organizations becomes increasingly valuable. However, the risks of leakage or loss of this information grow even faster. Taking into account the individual needs of a customer's business, LANS company offers building a new or modernization of existing information security system. These services may include:

Technical audit of IT security infrastructure of the customer.
We apply both hardware and software techniques, and the expert assessment based on analysis of information received from IT professionals and key users of the information infrastructure of the enterprise-customer.
Design of information security system. While developing the project, we rely on two basic principles: (i) the level of protection should be consistent with the level of risk: treating as unacceptable both too complicated and over-simplified, partial solutions, and (ii) internal information security (authorization, identification of users and systems, authentication, security data integrity, monitoring) is as important as external.
Supply and configuration of hardware and software, conducting operational testing and acceptance testing
Development of procedures manual, which includes making recommendations on how to organize operation of IT infrastructure and the development of information security regulations
Training of customer personnel on management and maintenance of information security system
Warranty and post-warranty service and support.

In solving these problems LANS relies on the ability of its partners - the technological leaders in the industry: Juniper, IBM/ISS, CISCO, 3COM, Symantec, Microsoft, IP Guard, etc.

Close cooperation between LANS specialists and the customer throughout the project not only provides the most accurate match of the solution to business requirements of the customer, but also optimizes its technological and price indicators.