Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a multi-purpose environment that combines local computer, electrical and telephone systems, security systems, etc. LANS offers a full range of services in the installation and maintenance of both fully integrated systems and their individual components. These services may include:
Pre-screening: LANS experts examine the object and specify the needs of the customer (the technical condition of the building and the existing cable infrastructure, development plans of the enterprise and its subsystems, etc.) and prepare terms of reference for the design of SCS. This document contains, among other things: floor plans of buildings, the estimated number and location of workstations (ports) and prediction of their increase, the definition of the category of the proposed cable network, stages and possible implementation time, and the approximate budget for the project.
Design: SCS project is created jointly with specialists of the customer based on the terms of reference.
Installation and certification: Our specialists carry out cabling infrastructure in accordance with project documents and the timetable agreed with the customer. Work is performed by certified professionals (Fluke Networks, CISCO, Zyxel, and AMP-Tyco Electronics certificates) with years of experience. Certified passive equipment from known manufacturers (AMP-Tyco Electronics, Molex, Legrand, Krone, Full Enterprise, etc.) is used when we install the SCS. Availability of special equipment for testing and certification of all network elements (Fluke Networks) allows the creation of 5 and 6 category SCSs.
Maintenance: Warranty on LANS created SCSs is 25 years. After completion of the installation and certification of SCS our company by agreement with the customer can take the support and maintenance of created SCS.

Only in 2008 and 2009 LANS installed hundreds of SCS including about 10,000 ports. Most of SCS are installed in organizations where quality and network reliability are crucial. In particular, they were installed in the offices of most banks and the largest IT and telecommunications companies.