How to choose
Please select your product using our electronic catalog located in the left column. The goods are supplied with detailed information on specifications and manufacturer, photo and price.

If you need further information or advice you can contact the shop employee by phone +374 91 23-05-10 / +374 10 23-05-25, or e-mail, or LANS Sales Department.

If the catalog products don't completely satisfy you, contact the shop employees or LANS Sales Department and order your desired product.
Go top How to make a purchase
In LANS shop: Just go to the shop and ask the employee. You will receive the necessary technical advice and can discuss all the conditions of purchase.

Online: Using the catalog select the product you need and click "Buy". This product will be automatically added to your shopping cart. You can proceed with the order or return to the catalog if you want to order something else.
To continue ordering go to your cart, specify the required amount of the selected product, double check the list and specification of products and click "Update." If the order, including its total cost, satisfies you, click "Order". In the form that appears, enter the order information and click "Send". In the near future, the LANS shop manager will contact you to confirm your order and delivery time.

By phone: After selecting the product from the catalog you can order calling LANS shop by phone +374 91 23-05-10 / +374 10 23-05-25.
Go top Delivery
At your request the goods can be delivered and installed to your address countrywide.
Within Yerevan the goods costing more than 100 000 drams are delivered free of charge. Delivery of the goods cheaper than 100 000 AMD costs AMD 2000.
Outside Yerevan the cost and delivery time must be agreed on with the shop manager.
Go top Payment options
In Shop: Cash or credit card. VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Upon delivery to the buyer (online purchase or phone order). Cash to the courier delivering the goods.

Payment by bank transfer: To pay for goods by bank transfer the buyer receives an invoice with bank details of LANS (right in the shop or later - if the order was made online or by phone).
Delivery of goods is made after the bill payment and receiving money to LANS bank account (usually 1-2 days from the date of payment). Together with the goods you receive all necessary payment documents.
To help us expediting your order please notify us on the money transfer by phone +374 91 23-05-10 / +374 10 23-05-25.
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