About company
LANS LLC was founded in 1996. For the duration of its existence LANS company worked at the forefront of infrastructure development of information and communication technologies, offering its customers the best solutions available at the time - starting with the creation of management information systems for the RA Government and the Civil Aviation Administration in the early 90's and ending with the creation data centers and communications systems for major banks today. LANS is the first company in Armenia, that received ISO-9001:2015 certification for assembly and maintenance of computer equipment and networks.

Currently, LANS offers a wide range of services ranging from consulting, technical support, procurement and installation of equipment to warranty and post-warranty services. The services we offer may include delay of payment and extended warranties on products supplied.

LANS activities

  • Servers and storages
  • Delivery of computing and communications equipment and software
  • Supply of equipment, software and services for information security
  • Establishment of communication infrastructure of buildings - structured cabling systems, which include cabling for computer, telephone, and security systems and electrical wiring
  • Range of services for installation and technical and information support of computing and communications equipment and software

  • The primary resource of the company is about 30 employees, many of whom work in the LANS from the company's very beginning
  • Over 10 specialists with international certifications
  • Certified Service Center
  • Warehouses
  • A garage that includes seven trucks and cars

Financial indicators of the company

LANS is one of the most stable and dynamically developing companies in Armenia. Average annual growth in volume over the past 10 years is 18-25%. The volume almost did not fall even in the crisis year of 2009  and significantly increased in 2010. As a result, currently LANS is among the top 100 taxpayers in Armenia.
The company holds an annual financial audit of its activities according to international standards.