Supply of hardware and software
From the very beginning of its activities the company delivers full range of computer and communications equipment, as well as software. By agreement with customer it supplies both computers assembled at LANS (LANS has ISO-9001: 2000 certificate for assembly and maintenance of computer equipment) and equipment from world leading manufacturers.

We deliver the following types of products
Computer and office equipment - solutions both for personal use and for corporate clients
Servers and storages
Network equipment - routers, switches, access cards, network security systems, etc.
Software of any complexity

We supply fairly simple and common products, as well as specific hardware and software for complex systems that require certified professionals for installation and technical support. In particular, LANS supplies, installs and maintains IBM and DELL servers and storage systems, which currently are the most reliable, efficient and effective in this segment of the global IT market. Over the past year, such complexes have been installed in about ten organizations, including many large banks in Armenia.

In 2009 and 2010 the supply of network equipment significantly increased. Products of Juniper, CISCO, Zyxel, TP-Link, Patton, AD-Net companies with volume of  several million dollars were delivered, in particular, to banks (including the CBA) and telecommunications companies.

In case of delivery of specific and complex equipment LANS can assist customer in developing an optimal system configuration. Company employees have extensive experience and certificates in this field. However, given the wide range of tasks that have to be addressed, as well as a high degree of importance of the decisions, LANS can involve the leading specialists in Armenia, as well as specialists from its professional partners such as IBM or DELL.

Partnership agreements with many manufacturers worldwide allows LANS to supply hardware and software in virtually any extent of complexity in the shortest time and at reasonable prices.