Servers and storages
One of the most important activities of LANS is creating high-performance and reliable communications and information systems for companies and organizations. Work performed by our specialists includes surveys of customers' information systems, design, supply and installation of equipment and its integration with existing IT infrastructure. Depending on the needs of the customer LANS offers a wide range of solutions to organize and optimize data storage and processing - from the replacement of existing equipment with more reliable and more productive solutions to creating data centers (DC).

Data centers ensure uninterrupted and efficient operation of business applications and permanent protection and data availability. They allow you to reduce operating costs and the burden on technical staff, and increase reliability and manageability of the infrastructure. The main components of the data center:
• a group of servers that are running business applications and support systems;
• storage system that includes disk systems and tape libraries, and provides centralized storage, protection, management and access to data;
• communication infrastructure, bringing together the components of the data center and ensuring the necessary availability with observance of data security;
• engineering infrastructure - SCS, power, air conditioning, physical security system etc.

The solutions offered by LANS are based on products of the world's leading manufacturers of components for building data centers - IBM, DELL, Juniper, Cisco and others companies. LANS is a partner of these manufacturers and successfully implements multivendor projects. Constant monitoring and implementation of new technologies, training and certifying specialists enable LANS to maintain a high competitiveness in the rapidly growing data center market.