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LANS provides its customers not only with computer, network and related equipment, but also offers extensive technical and consulting support for its installation, tuning and operation. LANS has the status of Authorized Service Center of IBM, DELL, Fujitsu and Lenovo, which assumes the availability of certified engineers, spare parts' and devices' stock, as well as premises and tools in accordance with the standards of these companies. Here you can learn how to contact LANS Service Center
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By the manufacturers' authorization, LANS provides warranty and post-warranty maintenance of computer equipment. In addition to standard warranty obligations LANS, by customer's request, can perform maintenance of customer's IT infrastructure or its part - up to the complete maintenance of the entire infrastructure. If needed, LANS Service Center can provide an extended warranty, which, inter alia, may include:
• extension of warranty to 3-5 years - depending on the equipment
• all day (7 x 24) and/or fast (starting at 4 hours) response and problem solution
• our specialists' working at the customer's premises

Details of the extended service, including the liabilities of the parties, shall be specified in a special service contract.
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We guarantee reliability and high quality of the equipment that we supply. In rare cases, when the supplied equipment fails during the warranty period, we do everything possible to ensure that our customers do not remain dissatisfied with the purchase. Warranty repairs are made quickly and efficiently. In critical cases the purchaser is provided with a temporary replacement equipment.

The warranty period shall be set up directly for each piece of equipment. Each item is accompanied by a warranty card. The owner is responsible for transportation of a defective product.

In order to get the warranty service as quickly and easy as possible , please check while buying goods if the warranty card filled in correctly, follow the operating conditions described in the user manual, and do not violate the integrity of warranty seals and labels.

Unfortunately, there are several conditions under which we can not make a warranty repair:
• the presence of mechanical damage: chips, cracks, dents, scratches, etc.
• violation of integrity of warranty seals
• removal or breach of identification information
• an earlier attempt to repair the item in another - not authorised - workshop
• damage caused by improper connection to electricity
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You can contact LANS Service Center engineers on all matters connected to the operation of equipment or software purchased in LANS. Consulting can be received either by visiting the center, or by multi-channel telephone technical support.
Our contacts are here.
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